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Torrent Search engine is a live search engine for torrents that sends user requests to several torrent databases and aggregates the results into a single list. Τhe torrent sites that are used are: thepiratebay.se, torrentproject.se, kat.cr, btstorr.cc, torlock.com.

This engine has a search add-on for Firefox. Recommended software (torrent clients) are µTorrent for windows and Transmission for linux.

The only torrent search engine that has it all in one page

  • shows torrent comments
  • shows torrent screenshots
  • shows torrent verification
  • estimates download time

"The creator of Torrent Search did a great job of not overloading the search engine with excess crap it doesn't need, while ensuring that users have access to exactly what they were hoping for: A Firefox search engine that can quickly scan all the top torrent sites at once..."
"Excellent search engine"
"...only this one found any results for my query - which is relevant if you're looking for reeeeally underground stuff like I do..."